About Me

I’m a marketing and communications professional who loves his city. I’m actively engaged in my community, whether that’s by promoting my favorite city in Oklahoma through my photography, helping recycle at community events, attending civic meetings or advocating for quality urban infill and form-based codes.

I’m also graduate of the University of Tulsa. While at TU, I played percussion in the marching band, represented students in the Student Association Senate and served as public relations coordinator for Habitat for Humanity. I worked at the Tulsa Area United Way through college and went on to work in various non-profits.

I have a lot of passions, and Tulsa is one of them. Others include photography, music, urban design, and small-scale, incremental development.

What else do I do?

Graphic design, logo design, print layout, editing, event coordination, website design, and on Sundays, I’ll wash your car or perform a marriage.