The McClintock Mansion, Tulsa

McClintock Mansion, Tulsa

This house is well-known as “that pretty white house at 41st & Lewis” by many Tulsans. Indeed, it’s been called Tulsa’s most beautiful house since its construction in 1932. From the beautifully-manicured lawn to the graceful dormers and towering fireplaces, the house is among Tulsa’s most iconic residences.

The house was built for┬áR. Otis McClintock, and was designed by architects Donald McCormick and John Duncan Forsyth. When McClintock approached his friend Waite Phillips about the design of the house, Phillips advised him to hire two architects. “I am going to help you with the selection,” Phillips told McClintock in a conversation recorded for posterity by longtime Tulsa architect and historian John Brooks Walton. “For one of the mistakes that I made was that Villa Philbrook is a palace and not a home.”

McClintock took the advice of his friend, and this stunning home is the result. I think we can all agree he made a wise decision.

Aerial of Siena

Aerial of Siena, originally uploaded by dsjeffries.

This is a beautiful old church in the middle of the ancient, medieval, walled city of Siena, in the heart of Tuscany, Italy. It was raining when I took this photo, which was a bummer because I wanted that beautiful Tuscan sun, but the rain brought out some different, deeper colors. The views from the Torre del Mangia were just stunning.