Fairy Tales Do Come True

Marksburg Castle, originally uploaded by dsjeffries.

I wish I’d had a better camera at the time I went to Germany. It was my first trip overseas, and the camera I used was a mere 2.1 megapixel, early generation digital camera. Even though the photos from that trip aren’t of the best quality, I still have many great memories of it and these photos serve as a reason to go back (as if hilltop, medieval castles, great food, wonderful people and delicious food weren’t reason enough!).

This is the Marksburg Castle. A little like something out of a fairy tale, no? It’s amazing to see these places whose walls have so much history in them. It’s almost like being transported back in time when you view these magnificent structures, and might just make you believe in magic again. When I return, I’m going inside these castle walls instead of just observing from a boat along the Rhine River.